The WeeMinder® Potty Training System is a great tool to help your child take control of their own potty training. We have also put together some helpful tips as well as some fun interactive ways to make potty training more enjoyable for everyone!

The Wallaby's Five Fun & Easy Steps to Potty Animal Success
The Wallaby Family's story guide to using the WeeMinder® Potty Training System.

5 Ways to Help Your Potty Animal be a Success
A Potty Training Coach's guide to using the WeeMinder® Potty Training System.

Potty Training Suggestions
Some wonderful Potty Training Suggestions we've assimilated over several years and five children.

Wally's FootPrints
A page of Wally's WeeMinder® footprints you can use to mark a route to your child's Potty Place.

Potty Place Poster/Calendar
A Potty Place Poster/Calendar your child can use to keep track of their adventures to their Potty Place.

"Train a child in the way they should go, and they will not part from it."