Potty Story Awards

1st Place - WINNER
Our family was enjoying a hot summer day at a nearby public pool when my newly potty trained son whispered in my ear that he had to go potty for the hundredth time. Uncomfortable to be seen in my bathing suit out of the water, I quietly and nonchalantly told him to just go in the pool. The chlorine was nearly burning a hole in my suit and eyes-I didn?t think it would do much damage since I knew he would only pee about a few tablespoons anyway. But to my horror I turned around to find my son standing at the edge of the pool with his swimming trunks pulled down around his ankles peeing into the pool like a Greek fountain in front of the world. In a panic I abruptly yelled to him to stop and he pouted back to me, ?But you told me to just go in the pool, Mommy!? Dare I say I was horrified!

Michelle Areta
October 2006

2nd Place - WINNER
After a very long day running errands, tired and eager to get home, my newly potty trained daughter started whining from her car seat that she needed to go potty. Exhausted and close to home, I urged her to try and hold it mustering up all the patience I had left. I actually was surprised that she ceased complaining until I got her out of the car and she held out her urine filled hands that were cupped together like she was taking a drink of water from a pond singing, ? I hold it, mommy, I hold it!?

Thanks for the WeeMinder! We love it and sing the ?Hop, hop, hop to the Potty Place? song everywhere we go. I wanted to share a funny story with you about your product. This last week my son, Josiah, was helping me teach our 7-week-old kittens to go potty in the litter box. To my surprise Josiah started singing the ?Hop to the Potty Place? song hopping one of the kittens like Wally to their new Potty Place (litter box). My husband and I were in stitches. Too much fun!

Disa and John Jennings
September 2006