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Maverick Ventures, Inc. introduces the revolutionary
WeeMinder® Potty Training System.

Chicago, IL. (Mar 15, 2008) Maverick Ventures inc. will introduce the WeeMinder® , a revolutionary potty training system, at the International Home and House wares Show in Chicago. Developed by Heidi Santiago, teacher and mother of five, the breakthrough potty training system takes the frustration and rigor out of potty training and accelerates the child's training process by adding an element of fun for both parent and child.

The WeeMinder® Potty Training System consists of a children's storybook, DVD, and the wearable, wristwatch-like, WeeMinder® musical reminder.

At the heart of the system is the interactive WeeMinder® musical watch, which reminds both child and parent, at regular controlled intervals, that it's time for the child to make a trip ("hop, hop, hop") to the bathroom. A DVD brings the "Wally" storybook to life for small children and teaches the child the fun and catchy "Hop to the Potty Place" song. The song and engaging characters make potty training fun and encourages the child to stay actively involved in the process.

When used in combination, WeeMinder® components work together to help develop muscle memory. The consistent training removes stress by reducing accidents in potty training sooner and more successfully, further aiding in the development of the child's independence, pride and self-esteem.

Doctors and Pediatricians hail the WeeMinder® Potty Training System a winner because it makes potty training fun and takes away the common power struggle many parents face.

The WeeMinder® is simple to use with no programming required and is virtually indestructible. The adult simply sets the WeeMinder® timer to 1, 2, or 3 and then turns it to the ON or Off position when needed. Built with safety providing peace of mind, the WeeMinder® is a sealed unit, engineered with durable materials and completely lead free.

Available soon at retailers nationwide at an SRP of $19.99.

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The WeeMinder® Potty Training System is a pro active, fun and interactive approach to the universal problem of potty training. Wally the Wallaby is the "potty animal" and he demonstrates to children good choices and practices throughout the day as he himself uses his WeeMinder® in potty training.

Kids will love to watch and relate to Wally's trials and learn from his good example of how to be a "potty animal" and hop to the "potty place."

The WeeMinder® is an alarm that your child wears that you set to go off to "wee-mind" them to try to hop to the "potty place." This empowers the child and puts the power in their hands and gives them the opportunity to "choose" to be in control of their potty training.

WeeMinder Set Wally's Potty Place

Excerpt from WeeMinder Book WeeMinder Alarm

A Word from the Author

As a step-mom of three and with two toddlers of my own, potty training was quite a stress in our lives. Some of the children had a an extremely difficult time with it because they would rather wet themselves than get up from their play or they would wait too long and couldn't hold it to the potty. We would do our best to remind them to go as often as possible, but they weren't always with us or we would get busy with one thing or another and forget. That is where the idea of the WeeMinder® sprang from.

Grandparents, babysitters, and daycare workers can't be held responsible to remind the potty trainer to go to the potty every hour and parents have enough to worry and think about to remember to send their toddler to the potty. Not only will the WeeMinder® do all the thinking for you, but it adds a fun and exciting element to potty training that everyone needs!

The adult sets the WeeMinder® to go off and the WeeMinder® does the rest. It reminds and encourages the toddler with a jolly and catchy song that both parent and toddler will be singing and looking forward to every time they hop to The Potty Place.

Research has shown that potty training needs to be fun and practiced on a set schedule with a repetitious routine until the child starts to recognize when they have to go themselves. This doesn't mean that once they feel it themselves once, they are trained. It takes many successful attempts and sometimes months or years of these successes to become fool proof.

Obviously, set times all through-out the day is ultimately the best way to train your toddler, but jobs, phone calls, dinner, laundry, bills, spills, and squabbles get in the way and our innocent trainees have a disappointing accident because they weren?t reminded to try to go. So give yourself a break and let the WeeMinder® do all the work for you and celebrate your toddler's Potty Animal success.