Is My Child Ready To Start Potty Training?

National Pediatrics Association recommends the child be two years of age before you start potty training. I am a mother of five, former teacher and now a stay-at-home mom and inventor of the WeeMinder Potty Training System. I have completed years of research on the study of potty training as well as hands-on-experience. Over the years, I have had the privilege of helping thousands of parents facing the struggles of potty training and I am standing for every family facing this problem to benefit from the WeeMinder Potty Training System to not only eliminate stress, power struggles and long-term physical and behavior problems, but truly bring more love, joy and peace back into the family.

Introduce Potty Early

I think children should be introduced to the Potty Place early and if at all possible have their diaper changed in the bathroom. Talk about the potty process and begin using voice cues early on. This means, pick words you will use to always describe peeing and pooping. For example, pee-pee and poo-poo. If your child goes to daycare, ask them what word clues they use and it will help your child’s potty training success if you use the same voice cues. Begin showing the potty trainer the potty training book and DVD to get them thinking about potty training.

If you start to see signs that your child is ready, make sure everything is going for you. I recommend you purchase a cushioned potty seat that attaches and stays right on the toilet, a step stool for climbing onto the toilet and reaching the sink for washing, the wee-Minder video, book and WeeMinder musical timer.

There are numerous articles on the signs of readiness, but some broad signs to look for if your child is ready:

  • Independence
  • wanting to please parent
  • watching and mimicking others
  • uncomfortable when diaper is full

I believe that early introduction of potty training is important, but the child must be physically and behaviorally ready. It is so important not to push, control, or discipline. Please wait until your child is ready and you are prepared to consistently train them. DO NOT begin training during a change in their life:

  • starting daycare
  • moving
  • divorce
  • new baby
Good luck and don’t feel ashamed to seek help before you start potty training. You can do it!


Heidi Santiago

"Train a child in the way they should go, and they will not part from it."