Need Help Inventing

“You invented that?” People would ask me wide-eyed in amazement. Why was it so hard for them to believe that I could invent something? Do I look like a complete bozo? I am a normal looking professional-teacher and mother of five. What is an inventor supposed to look like? Maybe they had a hard time believing I was a real-life inventor because I am a woman or a blond, but that is a whole other subject. Their next question was always, “Where did you get help inventing?” Well, keep reading and I will tell you.

Now, how many of you have ever watched a commercial or searched the store aisles and discovered a new product that was YOUR idea? I don’t know many people who haven’t had this frustrating feeling!

Well, if we really think about it, they didn’t steal our ideas; they just put the work and money into bringing our idea to market. Right? Well, I had experienced that feeling over and over again and I was tired of it. I heard about the art teacher who invented Baby Einstein's and wondered how I could be successful like that.

I had an idea, but that is about all I had. I needed help inventing. I mean really inventing. Just having an idea doesn’t qualify you as an inventor. You need to do something with it before someone will respect you as an inventor.

I have a list below of how to start turning your ideas into actual inventions:

• create a CAD drawing or model of your product idea
• submit your idea to a reputable invention evaluation
¶ join an Inventor’s group, visit local Business Development Center
• read every book and article on the subject
• conduct a market test
• if the market test bodes well, start preparations to protect your idea with copyrights, trademarks and patents (www.uspto.gov)
• write goals and raise money
• create a prototype at a local factory
• conduct another market test
• write your business plan
• license or market your product (which is a complete venture in itself!)

This is a very simplified list of how to take your product idea and begin making it a reality. It is hard work, takes more time and money than you would ever think, and the success rate is against you. The only reason I succeeded is because I never gave up and kept seeking help inventing. Please ask me for help and I would be happy to help!


Heidi Santiago

"Train a child in the way they should go, and they will not part from it."