Creative Bedwetting Cure for Potty Training Boys

How many times can you wash urine soaked sheets, underwear and jammies before you start looking for a better way? My son struggled with bedwetting for years and then my friend told me about a creative bedwetting cure for potty training boys called the WeeMinder Musical Reminder. She purchased one to potty train her son and one to keep with her in her bedroom. The potty training system is geared towards younger children, but they just used the WeeMinder’s watch-like musical alarm and it worked. You can set it to play every hour, two hours or 2.5.

To potty train our boy, we set it for every hour at first during the weekend so it wouldn’t bother with school to see when he was wetting his pants and the bed. Then, we lengthened the time and soon he could wake up himself. He just needed some extra help.

I have to admit, I didn't try as hard as I could have to train him earlier because I was just too exhausted to get myself up to help wake him throughout the night. Better late than never. This potty training tool for boys is only $20 compared to hundreds of dollars for the older version alarms out there.

I have gotten really creative with it and use it to remind my kids about all sorts of things. The time just seems to get by me sometimes and the WeeMinder is so easy (no programming!) and whenever it goes off, it makes me stop and think and…. remember. “Oh ya, get ready to go to the store, we leave in twenty minutes.

The WeeMinder Potty Training website, www.weeminder.com suggests using the WeeMinder to remind your child to not only go potty, but use it to remind them to:

*Drink water during the day
*Wash hands
*Finish chore
*Exercise/go outside, etc.

Just a suggestion that worked for me. I can never figure out how to program a Timex or alarm clock, so this creative bedwetting cure for potty training boys may work for you like nothing else has. It did for me and my family!

Creative Bedwetting Cure for Potty Training Boys


Heidi Santiago

"Train a child in the way they should go, and they will not part from it."