Best Toilet Training Product!

Mother of five invents the best toilet training product that makes a huge breakthrough in Bathroom Training. The WeeMinder Toilet Training System/Kit evaluated November of 2007 by the WIN Innovation Institute received high marks in all categories.


The WIN Inventors Services Program uses the PIES-XII Innovation Evaluation Report to test endless areas of a new invention providing the inventor with important information in regards to their invention.

The UIA Innovation Assessment (evaluation) Program provides inventors and innovators with an honest and objective third-party analysis of the risks and potential of their ideas, inventions and new products.

When evaluating the WeeMinder Toilet Training System/Kit, the Evaluation Report begins complimenting the accomplishments of the WeeMinder because only about 6 percent of WIN clients achieve assessment ratings that high.

The WeeMinder Toilet Training System is a watch-like device that the bathroom trainer wears that sings a song, “Put a big smile on your face, and hop, hop, hop to the Potty Place” every hour, two, or 2.5 hours to remind them to go to the potty. It comes with a children’s book and DVD.

The WeeMinder rates extremely high in all of the 45 categories, such as:

•Function & Production Feasibility
•Environmental Impact
•Social Impact

The 45 section criteria is based on over 35 years of research and new product experience, and will provide you with insights into the risks faced and the strategy needed to employ to reach the marketplace.

It is clear that this mother of five has a winning Toilet Training Invention on her hands proven from these high scores received by the Innovative Product Technologies, WIN Innovation Institute. It may be the best toilet training product to choose from.

Best Toilet Training Product!


Heidi Santiago

"Train a child in the way they should go, and they will not part from it."